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OCTG: Cressman Tubular Inventory



Cressman Tubular is a stocking distributor of OCTG (tubing & casing) for the oil, gas, geothermal & water drilling industries. We also supply & distribute linepipe, drillpipe, sucker rods, valves & fittings.

 casing pipe stacked ctpc octg resized 600

We carry ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) & Seamless OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) inventory of casing, tubing, conductor pipe, couplings & pup joints, which typically ranges between US$25Million to US$35Million in value.  We have a plethora of international sources, partners & associates, which enables us to supply a full range of API-5CT-certified OCTG items, from stock, quick delivery or from a dedicated manufacturer production run.

We can supply from 1″ macaroni tubing through to 36″ conductor pipe, from J55 grade through traditional alloy N80, L80, P110, P110HC grades, to 13%Cr to 28%Cr & G3 grades. Thread & end-finishing options range from traditional API threads – EUE, NUE, STC, LTC & BTC to T&C (threaded & coupled), semi-flush & flush gas-tight premium connections.

With the recent OCTG anti-dumping suits filed by the US Department of Commerce and US International Trade Commission, please approach us with your OCTG enquiries and requirements to assure your company's supply.  We have positioned ourselves commercially and stocked OCTG items in early anticipation of these suits being filed.

Trusted, globally, we thank you for your consideration of Cressman Tubular.


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OCTG Supplier: The Handshake


 A note from our Director of U.S.A. Sales, Artie Cressman:

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Distributor

In the ever changing landscape of oilfield and OCTG sales, one thing remains a constant: the handshake.  It means many things to many different people, but all can agree that the only way a handshake happens is by meeting face to face.  As technology grows, and Skype and video conferencing take over where door to door knocking once ruled, the oldest gesture known to man still reigns supreme.  As customer service becomes hard to find in the oilfield, the handshake is the sign of effort by an OCTG supplier.  It is a sign to your customer that you are willing to look him in the eye and make a commitment.  To a prospect, it is a sign that you are more than a voice over the phone.  The firm grip of the handshake means solidarity, accountability, and trust.  In OCTG sales, handshakes are being exchanged every day.  If you are not in front of your Oil and Gas customer, someone else is.  Safe travels. 

-Artie Cressman




In addition to carrying an ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) & Seamless OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) inventory of tubing, casing, conductor pipe, couplings & pup joints, which typically ranges between US$25Million to US$35Million in value, CTPC has a plethora of international sources, partners & associates, which enables us to supply a full range of API-5CT-certified OCTG items, from stock, quick delivery or from a dedicated manufacturer production run.

Larger Vs. Smaller OCTG suppliers


chrome casing ctpc blog resized 600

During a recent OCTG conference which Cressman Tubular attended, a participant asked a question of a senior executive for an oil company:  “Given that you are such a large firm and work with the largest of the OCTG distributors, how does a new company compete for your business, Sir?"  That question is the basic reason we get up every morning and try to manage growth and sales.

The executive responded that he felt he had an obligation to his firm to purchase the product from the largest firms as they were heavily inventoried in ERW OCTG, seamless casing and tubing, and were most likely able to deliver on time.  Although unspoken, his decision was least likely to be challenged by his superiors later.

It was at that point that I posed a question:  "Is there a difference in your mind, Sir between a “new company” and an “older tenured firm” that you simply have not done business with yet?"  He answered that yes, there is a difference.  Shortly after, the executive sought me out, and we have a meeting scheduled to introduce Cressman Tubular later this month and hopefully compete fairly for some of his business in the OCTG marketplace.

This story shows that many large and prestigious oil & gas Exploration & Production firms may be missing the benefits offered by “older tenured supply firms” which can provide excellent products and services at competitive prices. The smaller, seasoned distributor cannot offer the exclusivity of major “Exxon-like” clients, but we can offer prospective customers decades of experience and service such as delivering truckloads of 7” casing to a Colorado well site on Christmas Eve when I-70 has been closed for part of the day. It's a service and experience greatly appreciated by many independent oil & gas operators.

Finally, the smaller distributor offers an unquantifiable asset to the larger operator that is so often left unsaid.  Your business means so much to us, that we'll go above and beyond to get to know you and make sure you have exactly what you need.  We know our clients' names, the names of their wives and children, and even whether or not they like to hunt. We know if you want the collars to the front of the load and if you need winch trucks dragged into a wet location.  

To the Senior Executive mentioned above who we will see next week, thanks so much for considering the possible benefits of a supplier that is outside your norm.

That takes balls!

And we thank you……

Art Cressman


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OCTG: Mind the Gap!


octg salesman oil and gas

As a senior salesman for CTPC in the OCTG world, I am blown away by the shortfall of experienced salespeople in my age group.  I first noticed this deficit in 1999, but it is even more evident today.  The shortage of experienced, gen x, Oil and Gas, and OCTG employees is the result of limited hiring back in the early 90’s.

We can all agree that the energy industry is cyclical and the contractions in this cycle have left long lasting effects on the Oil and Gas industry.   Add to that, the combination of several technological advances in drilling and computing.  What’s more, the talent pool that is coming out of the educational system is very different than the one that existed just 15 to 30 years ago.  These factors have created a gap in experience that exists in oilfield professionals between the ages of 35 – 50.  This gap is found in all areas of the oilfield from OCTG sales to drilling engineers.

One of the hardest hit areas has been the Oil and Gas Pipe sales area.  With so few experienced and proven salespeople in a growing and booming market it leaves a very small pool to pick from.  This leaves OCTG pipe companies, distributors, and manufacturers fighting for the best talent.  Thus, pipe companies have become very crafty with compensation packages and other perks to attract the best talent to represent their organizations.  Some companies are able to hire and train new graduates, but once their experience level has reached a milestone, they are quickly drawn away to “greener pastures."  The times when a person worked at one company until retirement are now long gone. Companies must be able to differentiate themselves from the pack and generate a unique compensation package in order to keep an employee long term.

Most of the experienced salespeople are now close to retirement age, and companies are left to seek qualified successors that can continue sales growth strategies from a limited pool.  Unfortunately, this small OCTG sales talent pool has created some instability in the sales arena, leaving companies shorthanded and not able to service their customers fully.

Change happens, and sometimes change is good.  However, the turnover of OCTG sales personnel is happening way too often.  During cycles, businesses must adapt to survive.  In the near future it will be interesting to see how companies will adapt and seek out experienced and proven sales personnel from a limited market. 

-Cesar A. De Anda   

Cesar DeAnda is the newest addition to the CTPC family, having joined us in January 2013 as Key Account Manager.  He is a Spanish speaker and based in Houston, Texas. 


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OCTG: Effective Energy Management


A letter from Cressman Tubular Product Corporation's President:

It seemed like only a few months ago I was graduating from high school and just yesterday when my children had little bums that I could hold in one hand.  Now, as I pass the halfway point between 65 years and 66 years, I am fascinated by the passage of time and the leaps in both technology and my career in the Oil and Gas space.  We can now offer casing and tubing quotations and serve clients without even being in the office… a lesson I am just learning after 40+ years in this industry. 

art cressman

 Just last week my sales team told me, “Don’t worry about that, Boss. We got this one.”  "What does that mean," I thought to myself.  While repeating those words since and digesting the several possible meanings, I have begun to acknowledge the simple fact that effective energy management sometimes includes managing your own energy. 

cressman tubular

Recently, I attended an American Metals Market conference in Houston which included a myriad of topics -  Fair Trade, Customer Service, Technical upgrades in Premium connections and all manner of fast-paced topics designed to warn the OCTG industry of perils that lie just over the hill.  Perils such as invading foreign hoards, massive frac pressures of new oil and gas wells, and the invention of pipe grades above V-150 are all on the horizon, and the industry must work to effectively manage them.  

cressman tubular octg

It was during these discussions that I reflected on my own company and realized that effective energy management of Cressman Tubular Products Corporation would best be served by managing me and my remaining energy. Another big challenge to my industry and a challenge to every executive will be to know when to conserve the remaining energy in his engine. 

group cressman tubular

It is difficult for a founder or owner to back up and get out of his own way, but it makes it easier when you hear “…Don’t work about that Boss.  We got this one.” and you know you’re being protected.


Art Cressman


Cressman Tubular Products Corporation

Art Cressman 




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The Future of Fracking, Oil and Gas, and OCTG


I have recently seen two short films which debate both sides of the “Fracking” issue. One was called “Gasland” which opposes all fracking and the other is a fairly new one called “FrackNation”. If you are involved in the Oil and Gas industry I would encourage you to see both of the short films.   

I usually search for news articles pertaining to the Oil Gas Industry several times a week to keep up with new technologies. One recent article on Yahoo caught my attention. This article is about using natural gas to replace diesel fuel on rig locations.

natural gas fracking

Here is an excerpt from Fracking for natural gas being powered by it, too :


“Advances in hydraulic fracturing technology have powered the American natural gas boom. And now hydraulic fracturing could be increasingly powered by the very fuel it has been so successful in coaxing up from the depths.

Oil- and gas-field companies from Pennsylvania to Texas are experimenting with converting the huge diesel pump engines that propel millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals thousands of feet down well bores to break apart rock or tight sands and release the natural gas trapped inside.

It's the latest way for drillers to become consumers of the product that they are making broadly available in large amounts — and extremely cheap. Production has increased so much that natural gas has flooded the market, dragging down prices and forcing companies to pull back on their plans to expand drilling while looking for new ways to use gas.

After the conversion, the engines will run on cheaper natural gas, or a blend of diesel and natural gas. That brings down costs and, theoretically, cuts down the sooty exhaust that comes from burning diesel.

‘You're going to see this spreading quite rapidly across the industry," said Douglas E. Kuntz, president and CEO of Pennsylvania General Energy Co., based in tiny Warren, Pa. "As the technology evolves, you'll see more companies across the country doing more natural gas fueling of this equipment.’…”


The technology of using natural gas to power fracking could have a very positive impact on the OCTG market in the near future. We continue to see technology advances in every area of our industry from the process to manufacture tubing and casing needed for horizontal drilling as well as the completion and delivery of oil and natural gas to the market.  Just think of all of the new technology that has come our way in the last sixty years.  Yes, we have been fracking for that long. 


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OCTG: Anti-Dumping Lawsuit


For some time now, there have been quiet rumors about the U.S. based steel mills filing an anti-dumping lawsuit against OCTG mills in countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  The same thing happened against China in 2008/2009, when the domestic mills were able to prove that the government of China had been subsidizing OCTG pipe-producing mills, allowing the Chinese mills to sell their pipe at far lower prices than the domestic U.S. marketplace could offer.  Now the same talk is happening again, with some saying the suit should be filed before the end of the Q1 2013.  The claim is that these ERW (electric resistance welded) pipe mills are being assisted by their governments, or that their ability to offer dramatically cheaper costs, such as labor, fixed G&A, overhead, etc., is impacting and causing harm to U.S. based OCTG mills.  With lower costs to produce the sales price can remain lower, thus taking advantage of a volatile marketplace, and exploiting the price gap between foreign and domestic products.  Foreign pipe for use in the domestic oil and gas industry currently makes up about 35% of total usage.

 octg mill steel mill

As a distributor of casing and tubing in the United States, we are fortunate to have many great mill relationships.  Some are foreign, some are domestic, and all are competitive.  Our customers have preferences of what they will buy, and it is our job to “stock the shelves” and give as many options as we can.  At the end of the day, our customer wants to know that we, the distributor, are standing behind the product, regardless of where it is made. 


If the anti-dumping suit is successful, and the U.S. levies a “death penalty” tax, or countervailing duty on imported pipe from South Korea, Taiwan, or Vietnam etc., the marketplace will likely see prices increase on speculation that short term supplies of OCTG for U.S. consumption will shrink.  We will also see an increase in imported material from other countries not affected by the tax to cover the supply shortage and the ever-increasing demand.  As the old adage states: “With the invention of better mousetraps, come smarter mice”. 


Our best wished for a safe and prosperous 2013!

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Oil and Gas: How Fracking Could Save the Dollar


In case you missed this article in RIGZONE, it looks like US Oil and Gas Exploration may save the dollar.  There are several components of the sudden shift in the world’s energy supply, but the prime mover is a resurgence of oil and gas production in the United States, particularly the unlocking of new reserves of oil and gas found in shale rock. The widespread adoption of techniques like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has made those reserves much more accessible, and in the case of natural gasresulted in a vast glut that has sent prices plunging.  Most experts believe the United States would overtake Russia as the leading producer of natural gas in 2015.

US Oil and Gas Exploration save the dollar ctpc blog resized 600

Other factors could also have a large impact on world energy markets over the next few years. The recovery of the Iraqi oil industry could lead to new supply.  Also, some countries, notably Germany and Japan, may move away from nuclear energy after the Fukushima disaster.

The new energy sources will help the United States economy providing continued cheap energy relative to the rest of the world. The energy agency estimates that electricity prices will be about 50 percent cheaper in the United States than in Europe, largely because of a rise in the number of power plants fueled by cheap natural gas, which in turn would help American industries and consumers.

The manufacturing of necessary industry items such as Tubing, Casing and Line Pipe (OCTG) will also be additional benefits to the US economy.

Please click on the link below for the full story. 



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OCTG Price versus Value


As we approach the end of a challenging year in the OCTG industry, I am ever mindful of the service and oilfield products our firm provides and always mindful of the responsibilities imposed on our clients by their boards, investors and their banks.  Today the financial challenges are huge.  Our customers, mostly Independent Oil and Gas End Users, are either owners or senior staff whose professional responsibilities are to do the best job for their companies and shareholders.  Too often in a volatile market, price becomes the driving factor, while tenure, inventory investment, customer service and the moral compass in which our business operates, begin to disappear into the morass of pennies per foot or dollars per ton.


As we face the New Year, our largest hurdles are finding the right definition of value, teaching that definition to our marketing team and sharing that definition with current and prospective customers.  Although small marketers of OCTG or other products operating out of a home office someplace may offer a cheaper price, there is inherent risk in using the product.  It is a risk that negates the cheaper OCTG price.  As a wise man once said regarding an expensive .357 handgun he purchased, “It’s heavy to carry around, but when you need it, you need it!”


Our value at Cressman Tubular Products Corporation is sometimes difficult to define, but I will continue to feel that service and a fair price will make the argument for us.  It’s self serving to say, we are not the cheapest, but we are worth the difference.  Combining quality OCTG and other tubular products, reliably produced and honorably represented, we are trusting that the professional tranquility that we offer our clients is valuable and will be rewarded with their continued trust.


My grateful thanks to all of our customers and staff for the largest sales levels in Cressman Tubular history and my sincere best wishes for a very happy holiday season!


To my Dad who passed away in October, Merry Christmas Pop!



Arthur R. Cressman Jr.


Art Cressman OCTG Distributor



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Fracing Legislation Good for Oil and Gas and OCTG


Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) is set to introduce a new bill, Empower States Act, which would insure that states remain the primary regulators of fracing and other similar processes in the Oil and Gas Industry.

oil and gas octg

This is not only important to the OCTG market which includes tubing, casing and linepipe but also to many other support industries which produce parts and services to the O&G industry like valves, fittings, sucker rods, etc.  In addition, many other parts our economy and thousands of other jobs depend on a strong market for oil and gas produced in the United States.

From the Oil & Gas Journal:


“‘The legislation also recognizes that states have a long record of effectively regulating oil and gas development, including [fracing], with good environmental stewardship,’ he said in Bismarck, ND, on Sept. 18.

If the bill became law, before a federal agency or department drafted any new regulation relating to oil and gas development, it would have to hold a hearing and consult with the state, Indian tribe, and local government that would be affected, explained Hoeven, who is a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee member.

He noted that to prevent job losses or harmful effects on consumers or the economy, the federal agency also would have to develop an energy and economic impact statement identifying any potentially adverse effects on supplies, reliability, and price, and the potential for losses of jobs and revenue to individual states’ general and education funds…”


Please contact your State and Federal legislators to support this much needed legislation. See complete article from the Oil & Gas Journal at the link below.

• States would remain primary fracing regulators under Hoeven bill 



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